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    The lab started recently using and developing methods of analyzing pesticide residues for more than 420 pesticides with high level of accuracy reaching 0.01 particles in million to comply with international standards using both instruments GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS.

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    The analysis method includes all types of chemical pesticides such as organochlorine, organophosphorous, nitrogen, carbamate, pyrothirdate, benzimidazole, diothiocarbamate, methyl bromide compounds and others.

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    The lab is equipped with latest technologies matching with equipment used in international labs. In addition, its personnel is trained and qualified to run analyses according to latest international methods.

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    Pesticide residues are estimated by using specialized methods for certain chemical groups in certain types of food such as hot peppers, olives, Dry foods and oils.

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    The list analysis of pesticides includes a wide choice and covers pesticides registered in Egypt. Work capacity exceeds 70,000 annual samples. Time of analysis takes a maximum of one to two days.


Egypt, Fayoum,
Ibshway, Abu Jincho.

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