Quality is the primary concern of human beings in all aspects of life. When it comes to the quality of pharmaceuticals that are consumed by humans, they are of paramount importance as they are used for the welfare of the human race. Strict guidelines and regulations exist for product quality control. They must undergo various serial tests and quality control checks before they are marketed and consumed by consumers. Due to this strictness in the regulations, the quality of the products is maintained up to the mark which guarantees the safety and efficacy of the products.

Herbal medicinal products are those obtained from plant resources for the treatment of humans. It is absolutely essential that even the quality of herbal medicines such as those found in chemically manufactured medicines be controlled. But unfortunately, the regulation of herbs is not as stringent when compared to synthetic drugs. This leads to a decrease in the quality standards of herbal products by intentional and sometimes unintentional adulteration and many other ways that may lower the quality of herbal materials marketed and consumed for healthy survival. But instead, it leads to serious effects on the health of consumers. Therefore, there is a great need to monitor the quality standards of herbal products for the good of mankind.

Identity and Quality Control:
  1. Identification A series of tests are done to ensure plant identification.
  2. Batch-to-Batch Consistency: especially important for products used for intended health benefits.
  3. Procedures for Safety: Microbes, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals.

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